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Connection Groups start September 2019

Who it's for

For designers, teachers, doctors, leaders, parents, spouses, students, and individuals who are curious how money can be a surprising partner in our ongoing transformation. Men and women of all ages and incomes and backgrounds are welcome to not only join us to learn, but to also contribute.

More about the experience

  • The best conversation you will have all week.

    Money is only taboo because we think it is. Many are delightfully surprised that talking about money can be refreshing, invigorating, and helpful. Why? Because the truth is that money is undeniably important and meaningful. With the help of a leader and a guide, talking about money can be safe, welcoming, non-threatening, and even a little fun.

  • Wherever you are, start there.

    Every financial situation is unique and every financial situation is normal. Learn together without giving up personal information, including credit scores, debt, net-worth, or other personally revealing information.

  • What to do with every dollar (without worrying about every penny)

    Learn the Seven Money Moves, a personal system that shows us what to do with every dollar. Your daily latte is safe. In fact, bring it with you to the group.

  • Know yourself, don’t compare.

    We often don’t realize its effects that comparing has our mental health, and it’s easier than ever because we see thousands of images every day. Money starts with knowing your values and aligning with your priorities.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome from Scott, Greg, and Zach
    • Introduction
    • Transcript
    • Go deeper
    • Group Leader Guide
    • Quiz 1
  • 2

    Session 1 - Values

    • Dev, Nora, Casey, and Lucie
    • Values (Part 1)
    • Transcript
    • Values [worksheet]
    • 200+ core values
    • Sample
    • Truths and mistruths
    • Quiz 2
    • Values (Part 2)
    • Quiz 3
    • Discussion Guide - 1 - Values
  • 3

    Session 2 - Scarcity

    • Bill, Miranda, Amelia, and Edward
    • Scarcity (Part 1)
    • Transcript
    • Quiz 4
    • Scarcity (Part 2)
    • Transcript
    • Three steps to prioritizing subscriptions [worksheet]
    • 39 reasons to cut an expense, return an item, discontinue a subscription, sell your stuff, or give something away
    • Mistruths and truths
    • Quiz 5
    • Discussion Guide - 2 - Scarcity
  • 4

    Session 3 - Agility

    • Braydon, Josh, Martina, and Shanice
    • Agility (Part 1)
    • Transcript
    • Mistruths and truths
    • Quiz 6
    • Agility (Part 2)
    • Transcript
    • Quiz 7
    • Discussion Guide - 3 - Agility
  • 5

    Session 4 - Integrity

    • Wade, Tiffany, and Alysia
    • Integrity (Part 1)
    • Transcript
    • Quiz 8
    • Mistruths and truths
    • Integrity (Part 2)
    • Transcript
    • Quiz 9
    • Discussion Guide - 4 - Integrity
  • 6

    Session 5 - Options

    • Amar, Kristie, Nina, and Sion
    • Options (Part 1)
    • Transcript
    • S.M.A.R.T. Goals [worksheet]
    • Quiz 10
    • Options (Part 2)
    • Transcript
    • Minimum + $5 Debt Elimination
    • Mistruths and truths
    • Quiz 11
    • Seven Money Moves Poster
    • Discussion Guide - 5 - Options
  • 7

    Session 6 - Giving

    • Gloria, Arlo, and Lianne
    • Giving (Part 1)
    • Transcript
    • Quiz 12
    • Giving (Part 2)
    • Transcript
    • Last Quiz!
    • Wow. Congratulations!
    • Discussion Guide - 6 - Giving

Instant access, start today

In the Six Weeks on Money course, you will:

  • Discover your core values and what makes you unique

  • Create a system to enable new habits and makes saving easy

  • Design and pursue goals that make sense for you

  • Conquer debt and embrace a journey toward financial freedom

  • Join others, learn together, and gain wisdom

  • Experience a fresh new approach to generosity


  • How much time will I need for each session?

    Plan on about 45 minutes of learning for each session. You may choose to devote more and energy, as needed, to certain sections. Note: session 1 may require a little more time as it includes an introduction.

  • Will I be expected to talk about my debt, net-worth or credit score?

    Talking about money doesn't have to be taboo, but in no instance will you be required to share any personal details about your finances.

  • How can I access the leader guide?

    The leader guide is a PDF and is available in the introduction.

  • Who created Six Weeks on Money?

    Six Weeks on Money draws from more than two dozens experts, authors, and resources on biblical theology, financial best practices, and research-based psychology. Check out the Deeper PDF for full list of resources, including notes and citations for key sources.

  • What do I need to get started?

    All you need is an open mind and access to the course.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel anytime.

  • What is your take on credit cards?

    Credit cards are not evil and they help establish credit scores, so this course covers how to use cards intentionally and wisely.

  • How is this like other financial programs?

    Like other financial courses, Six Weeks on Money covers the basics, such as spending, saving, debt-elimination, and investing. Six Weeks on Money however, starts with the idea that money is many things, but before it’s anything, it’s emotional. Money is not logical. That means whether this is your first or 29th financial class, there is always more to learn about money because there is always more to learn about ourselves and what God is doing in our lives, families, and community.

  • Will I learn about buying a home or a car?

    Yes - Six Weeks on Money includes information about making wise financial choices.

Group Rules

We don't serve the rules. The rules serve us.

  • No filibustering. Please be mindful of how much time and space you are taking with your words. The group leader may politely cut you off. Do share your experience and your wrestlings with the content and program.

  • No accounting. So much of our relationship with money isn’t about the numbers, so feel free to not share specific numbers about your debt, net worth, investments, or account balances. Do share how money feels and how you are experiencing money in your life.

  • No stock-picking. Please refrain from discussing the performance of the stock market on any given day. Session 5 will cover using long-term investments to create options. Do talk about the challenge of creating options for your future.

  • No eye-rolling. We are in this together, and your body language and attitude matters to the group. Your presence is a gift to the group.

  • No selling. Please do not use this group to recruit people into a multi-level marketing scheme. Girl Scout Cookies, however, are fair game! Do talk about tools and resources that have benefited you.

  • No comparing. Please refrain from comparing your situation to others. It’s almost never helpful. Do share your experience, not your expertise, and expect to learn from one another.

God & money

Join us in asking new questions about faith, finances, and what God is doing in the world

What if money was less something that needed to be battled against? What if scarcity wasn't the enemy - but was a gift? What if financial freedom just isn't measurable? What if we lived as though every dollar was a declaration of values, meaning, and a reflection of God's restorative work in the world to bring restoration?

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