Most church leaders want people to grow a healthy relationship with money.

✔ Increase savings ✔ Decrease debt ✔ Live generously

We enable churches to offer a digital course and small group experience that helps people gain a new way of thinking and feeling about money.

We can't let scarcity win.

From student loans to increasing costs of living to credit card debt, it can feel like there are many reasons to give up. But we can't ignore money. We can't obsess over it, either. Together, we can help people look at their relationship with money from new angles.

Yes - I want to learn more

More than a financial course.

Scalable, digital engagement.

Includes resources to enable virtual and in-person small group experiences for individuals and families.

Churches turn to us for a new approach to stewardship, generosity, and financial education.

Why bring this course to my community?

  • Hope and purpose for every situation

    A fresh start and a new way of thinking and feeling about money.

  • Ignite generosity and change lives

    We can't do it alone and no one said that money has to be "taboo."

  • Offer practical and wise guidance

    Learn what to do with every dollar - without having to worry about every penny.

  • Integrate financial education

    A course and experience you are proud to offer your community

What is at stake?

Everyone can grow into a healthy relationship with money.

  • From never enough to gratitude and contentment

    More than 50% of American households are living paycheck to paycheck

  • From falling behind to having a plan

    157 million are paying off credit card debt

  • From avoidance to values-aligned

    7 in 10 have cried about money at some point in their life

Your brand. Your course. Your audience.

Learn about bringing 6 Weeks on Money to your community.

Because churches are attuned to the unique needs of their audiences and contexts, Six Weeks on Money is a co-branded and semi-customized financial education resource that helps learns and leaders align their values and their money.