Surprise Church and 6 Weeks on Money are partnering to promote a healthy relationship with money.

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What exactly do I get?

When you register, you will get:

  • Six weekly lessons to learn a simple and biblical approach to managing money

  • Learn why budgets fail and discover the freedom of living within your means

  • Practical wisdom to change your financial mindset

  • Live with greater self-awareness by understanding the 8 areas of money emotions

  • Set goals and make a simple plan for next week, next month, and next year

  • Experience freedom and generosity without guilt or shame

  • The exact, step-by-step plan to eliminate debt and save more

  • Use the 7 Money Moves to create a system that results in a mindset of abundance

  • Practical worksheets to make the lessons applicable today

"We are bringing 6 Weeks on Money to our church because we want to develop disciples in a manner that engages our finances as an aspect of discipleship."

Lead Pastor, Surprise Church

Pastor Matt Anderson

Lead Pastor, Surprise Church

Challenge accepted.

Together we can accept the challenge of asking new questions about our relationship with money. What is money? What’s it for? How can I live with the peace and wholeness I desire for the world around me?

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"I’m now paying off debt and saving money."

“I was struggling to budget and manage finances. I felt ashamed and concerned about emergencies and retirement. As a result of this course, I’m working on feeling pain and anxiety rather than numbing it by spending money. I’m now paying off debt and saving money. Mostly, I’m talking to God about money now and asking Him for guidance. To anyone on the fence about Six Weeks on Money, I would tell them I love the topics, lessons, truths, and Bible applications. It’s so well organized, approachable, and confidence-boosting. It’s a blessing."

— Cynthia Hanson, Minneapolis, MN

How do I know this is for me?

  • Wherever you are, start right there.

    Every generation, all incomes & backgrounds. Everyone can grow in their relationship with money.

  • Get the tools to build a system (not another list of habits.)

    Money feels better with a simple approach. We'll show you how, step-by-step.

  • Live with freedom, not comparisons.

    Starts by knowing your values and aligning with your priorities.

  • Discover a better definition of “financial freedom.”

    Break free from the chains of consumerism and unrealistic expectations.

  • Start learning today.

    Whether you're learning, leading, or both, we need your voice and your willingness to engage.

What can I expect each week?

Week 1 - Values

Choose your values, or someone else will.

Week 2 - Scarcity

Fight scarcity with gratitude and simplicity.

Week 3 - Agility

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Week 4 - Integrity

Shortcuts never are.

Week 5 - Options

Create future options by eliminating debt or investing.

Week 6 - Giving

Giving it away changes our relationship with it.

"I wanted to create a course that helps us grow a healthier relationship with money. And that means asking new questions."

Creator, 6 Weeks on Money

Tim Schuster

Creator, 6 Weeks on Money

My name is Tim Schuster, and I created 6 Weeks on Money because money helps us reflect on who we want to be and how we want to make an impact. I wanted to create a course that helps us grow a healthier relationship with money - and that means asking new questions. Not just about merely getting out of debt or saving, but how it all connects to a bigger purpose.

Your turning point?

Imagine the day when you look back and say, "That is when things came together. That was my turning point." Will that be in one month? A few months or a couple of years? Start today. The next six weeks will be your turning point.

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  • Will there be a small group?

    We provide a small group leader guide so churches can bring people together to discuss and build community. Individuals complete weekly lessons before attending groups.

  • How much time will I need for each weekly lesson?

    Set aside 45 - 60 minutes each week. You may choose to devote more time and energy, as needed, to specific sections, based on your goals. Note: Week 1 requires a little more time because it includes an introduction lesson.

  • Who created this course?

    Tim Schuster created 6 Weeks on Money drawing from more than two dozens experts, authors, and resources on biblical theology, financial best practices, and research-based psychology. Check out the Deeper PDF for a full list of resources, including notes and citations.

  • How do I get a discount or access code?

    Church and ministry partners can purchase discount codes. Codes are applied at checkout.

  • What is your approach to credit cards?

    Credit cards are not evil; they help establish credit scores and earn rewards. This course covers how to use cards intentionally and wisely. Learn the exact steps for getting out of debt once and for all.

  • What is your approach to generosity?

    When we let it go, money lets go of us. Generosity helps us grow a healthier relationship with money.

  • Will I learn about buying a home or a car?

    Yes. Making wise financial choices is a key theme in this course. We’ll show you what’s happening “underneath” the big purchases.

  • What makes this course different from others?

    This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 6 Weeks on Money starts with a different question. How can I have a healthy relationship with money? As it turns out, this key unlocks an adventure in growth and possibility.